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adidas supernova grey two

According to adidas, the Supernova is a shoe designed for even the longest of runs. They’re supposed to provide all the right support, while also being breathable.“These adidas running shoes ensure soft landings and propulsive energy to help you go the distance. A combination of Boost and adidas sneakers women Bounce in the midsole provides the ideal mix of energy return and spring. The seamless build wraps around your foot, keeping it secure, ventilated and comfortable.”

It’s all about having a durable, strong foundation you can build your workouts on day Don't miss out. after day.That’s how you reach your goals. Whether you’re out putting in miles or training at the gym, Supernova shoes are made to support your goals. In some designs, we’ve used high-performance recycled materials as part of our commitment to help end plastic waste.

Supernova is an award-winning technical runner with a rich history of beloved iterations like the Supernova Glide, ACTIV, TKO, and ST. Each of our Supernova running shoes adidas supernova grey two is built for long-distance comfort using adidas technology upgrades, empowering your stride with a supportive fit in any race or terrain.

Squeeze in a few laps before work or sprint across the finish line of your first 10K. adidas sneakers white When you're upping your mileage and tackling new running goals, these adidas Supernova Shoes are your go-to pair. The engineered mesh upper gives you support and ventilation where you need it most. Springy Bounce in the forefoot combines with responsive Boost in the heel to give a smooth, easy ride.


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